Letters to the Editor

This section provides opportunities for expedited publication of innovative and original research ideas and constructive comments on published articles.


Past letters to the Editor:


CubeSats as Innovative Science Platforms
P. Ehrenfreund, R. C. Quinn, and A. J. Ricco
JoSS, Vol. 02, No. 01 (Jul 2013) pp. 79-81
First Page / Download PDF 3 Pages (186kb)


Mission Risk Survey – A Call for Response from the Small Satellite Community
Katharine Brumbaugh and E. Glenn Lightsey
JoSS, Vol. 02, No. 01 (Jul 2013) pp. 83-84
First Page / Download PDF 2 Pages (141kb)


Space Access: Still the Major Issue for the Small Satellite Community
Kirk Woellert, Aerospace Consultant, Washington, D.C.
JoSS, Vol. 01, No. 02 (Oct 2012) pp. 45-47
First Page / PDF 3 Pages (199kb)