Founding Managing Editor’s Welcome Remarks

Founding Managing Editor’s Welcome Remarks


Dear Readers,


With the dawning of the new year 2012, it is with great pleasure that we launch the premiere issue of our long-anticipated online Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS),, sponsored by Science and Technology Corporation (STC) in cooperation with Advanced Space Technologies Research and Engineering Center (ASTREC) funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), and published by A.Deepak Publishing (ADP)! On behalf of all of us at JoSS, we send you Best Wishes for a Happy, Productive and Prosperous New Year!!


This scholarly, peer-reviewed, online journal was founded to meet an important need for the small satellite community of researchers, engineers, scientists and managers whose professional interests lie in research, development, and systems analysis of femto-/pico-/nano-/micro-class satellites and their applications. In addition, JoSS is intended to serve as a critically-needed forum for the rapid exchange of information on all aspects of small satellites – technical, scientific, and systematic, as well as education, policy, and management aspects.


We invite you to explore this website and be an active participant in this high-quality scientific forum on topics related to small satellites. Our first two issues are free of charge, but we hope you will decide to subscribe, to continue receiving access to JoSS technical articles in the future. There are also ample opportunities to participate beyond reading – from submitting an article for technical peer-review in the next issue, to reserving advertising space for your institution’s or corporation’s logo and information. We welcome letters to the editor, non-technical articles for publication in our Information Portal, and other types of news and announcement items of workshops and conferences (in addition to job/internship and competition postings). Do help us provide electronic links to different web sites containing archival literature, workshop proceedings as well, so that JoSS is your one-stop portal for access to different types of information related to small satellites.


We hope you will find this issue and our website to be informative and useful, send us original research papers for review and publishing, provide us with feedback to assist us in improving the quality and content of the journal – and return often!


We thank the following highly talented group of experts in their different fields for lending their support and vision in helping us assemble the infrastructure of a professional-quality, peer-reviewed JoSS that will be of immense benefit to both young entrants and distinguished experts in different aspects of small satellites:


Founding Editor-in-Chief, JoSS:


Norman Fitz-Coy, Ph.D., Professor and Director, ASTREC, University of Florida, for doing a yeo-man’s job in laying the vision and objectives and helping with setting up the guidelines and requirements of JoSS;


Founding Associate Editors-in-Chief, JoSS:


William Edmonson, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor, North Carolina State University and Co-Director, ASTREC , for help in initiating the process of STC and ADP sponsorship of JoSS, and for reviewing the research submissions;


Jordi Puig-Suari, Ph.D., Professor, Aerospace Engineering Department, Cal Poly State University, for valuable inputs into the development of the JoSS infrastructure; and


Marcello Romano, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Space Systems Academic Group, Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Naval Postgraduate School, also for valuable inputs into the formation of JoSS.


Founding Technical Area Editors (TAEs), and Associate TAEs of JoSS:


  • N. Bannister, Ph.D. (University of Leicester, UK)
  • F. Bernelli, Prof. (Politecnico di Milano, IT)
  • F. C. Bruhn, Ph.D. (AAC Microtec AB, SE)
  • J. W. Cutler, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, US)
  • L. P. Davis (Honeywell, US)
  • R. S. Erwin, Ph.D. (Air Force Research Laboratory, US)
  • E. Gill, Ph.D. (Delft University of Technology, NL)
  • F. Graziani, Prof. (Sapienza University of Rome, IT)
  • J. W. Hines, Ph.D. (NASA Ames, US)
  • G. Kershen, Prof. (University of Liege, BE)
  • D. M. Klumpar, Ph.D. (Montana State University, US)
  • V. Lappas, Ph.D. (Surrey Space Center, UK)
  • F. Leve, Ph.D. (Air Force Research Laboratory, US)
  • P. Lozano, Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US)
  • J. E. Lumpp, Jr., Ph.D. (Kentucky Space, US)
  • B. K. Malphrus, Ph.D. (Kentucky Space, US)
  • T. M. Jorgensen, Ph.D. (National Science Foundation, US)
  • F. Pranajaya (University of Toronto, CA)
  • J. Rotteveel (ISIS – Innovative Solutions in Space BV, NL)
  • A. Sanyal, Ph.D. (New Mexico State University, US)
  • P. Tortora, Prof. (University of Bologna, IT)
  • R. Twiggs, Prof. (Morehead State University, US)

Additional names pending acceptance.



Adarsh Deepak, Ph.D., Founding Managing Editor and Publisher
Paul D. Try, Ph.D., Founding Associate Managing Editor Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS),

A. Deepak Publishing,
Hampton, Virginia, and Mountain View, California