Publication Process


Stage 1: Receipt and Acknowledgement of Your Submission (1-2 days)

Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission is sent within a day or two of receipt. Please follow-up with an email inquiry, if you do not receive this.

Stage 2: Identification and Securing of the Principle Parties to be Involved with Your Particular Article – Technical Area Editor (TAE) and Reviewers (2-3 weeks)

The Editor-in-Chief assigns your submission to a Technical Area Editor (TAE), who will identify appropriate potential Reviewers and make publishing recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief based on their comments. (The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to recuse him-/herself from any particular article submission at his/her own discretion.) Reviewers are contacted and secured by JoSS staff.

Stage 3: Peer Review (4 weeks)

Once Reviewers commit to the task, they are given four weeks to review your submission and return their comments. (A minimum of two Reviewers is required for a paper to move forward towards publication in JoSS.)

Stage 4: Preliminary Publishing Decision, Based on Review Comments (1-2 weeks)

The TAE reviews the peer Reviewer comments and makes a preliminary decision (with which the Editor-in-Chief must concur) to conditionally accept a submission based on these comments, or to return the manuscript to you as not ready for publication. After the Editor-in-Chief’s concurrence or action, you will receive notice of JoSS’s preliminary publishing decision and any further instructions at that point. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to intervene prior to receiving the TAE’s decision, at his/her own discretion.

Stage 5: Author Revision (4 weeks)

If your submission has been conditionally accepted, you are given four weeks to revise your paper in response to the received comments, and return it along with an item-by-item description of your response to each Reviewer comment.

Stage 6: Final Publishing Decision Made and Notification Sent to Author (1-2 weeks)

The TAE reviews your revision to determine whether you have adequately responded to Reviewer comments, for a final publishing decision with which the Editor-in-Chief must concur. After the Editor-in-Chief’s concurrence, you will receive notice of JoSS’s final publishing decision. If there are any further adjustments to be made by you as Author, you will be given instructions in that communication. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to intervene prior to receiving the TAE’s decision, at his/her own discretion.

Stage 7: Final Editing – Layout – Publication (2-3 weeks; publication timing depends on upcoming JoSS issue schedule)

JoSS staff edits your submission for formatting, consistency, and grammar; should there be major changes or questions about edits that might have altered your substantive meaning, the editor will send specific portions or all of your paper to you once more before layout. Otherwise, you will next see your paper when published in the upcoming JoSS issue.