Frequently Asked Questions:



Archival of Articles


Q1: How long will an article published in JoSS remain in archives, and who is directly responsible for upkeeping the archives?


A1: JoSS is published by A.Deepak Publishing (ADP), a 30-year old publishing house. JoSS and ADP are responsible for maintaining the past issues in its online archives.


Author Fees


Q2: Is there a fee for submitting an article?


A2: During 2012-2017 there has been no fee for submitting an article for publication in JoSS, and there are no imminent plans to begin charging.


Citing Published JoSS Articles


Q3: How do I cite my article published in JoSS?


A3: Author. (Year): Article Title. JoSS, Vol. xx, No. xx, pp. xx-xx. Available at: (last accessed Month, Date, Year).


Example: Deepak, A. (2011): Welcoming Remarks. JoSS, Vol. 01, No. 01, pp. 1-3. Available at: (last accessed October 24, 2016).


Formatting – Length


Q4: Does the 20-page length limit apply to the Initial Submission only, or also to the Revised Submission? Does the page limit include illustrations, tables, and graphs?


A4: Yes, the page limit applies to the entire file (text, graphics, references, etc.) of both the original submission and the revised version, with reasonable variation, since no appreciable difference in length is expected between the two. Bear in mind that the specified page limit is a general guideline that is intended to provide some guidance to Authors about the total length of their manuscript, but is not a hard limit set in stone. Justifiable variance from this limit within reason in itself will not be cause for rejection of the submission.


Previous Publication in Conference Proceedings


Q5: What is JoSS policy with regard to article submissions that are based on works previously published in conference proceedings?


A5: JoSS encourages publishing of original research, and we do require the transfer of copyright from author to JoSS with submissions. If a paper is “based on an earlier conference paper” published elsewhere (other than JoSS), and not different by at least 80% of the text, then the original publisher’s permission to publish it in JoSSonline should be obtained in writing on our form (see section on Information for Authors on this web site for all instructions and forms, top menu bar), and the publication source should be cited in the JoSS-published article. A paper that has been previously published should include only a limited percentage (no more than 20%) of the title and content of the previously published work when submitted to JoSS.


You do not need to send in the copyright and permission forms simultaneously with your manuscript, but please be aware that your article submission is not considered complete until we have received them.




Q6: How do I submit an article for publication in JoSS?

A6: Your submission package consists of:


  • your article, in pdf file format (editable file format will be required after acceptance);
  • the Copyright Transfer form, completed and signed; and
  • the Permission Request form, if your article has been previously published.


Your article should be formatted according to the template for Initial Article Submission provided in the section “Information for Authors,” (top menu bar). Links for the Copyright Transfer and Permission forms are also provided there. These two forms do not necessarily need to accompany your article, but they should follow shortly, and your submission package will not be considered complete without them. Please send all parts of your submission by email to AND




Job Opening Announcements and Advertising


Q7: Can I place an advertisement for a job/position opening in lieu of (or in addition to) listing it in the Job Openings section?


A7: Yes! We will publish position announcements free of charge in the section on “Scholarships, Internships, Faculty Positions and Other Job Openings.” But you may also purchase ad space to announce such a position for even greater visibility! See instructions for reserving space, preparing ad copy, and payment under “Advertising”, top menu bar.




Letters to the Editor


Q8: How is a Letter to the Editor different from other submitted articles?


A8: Letters to the Editor that provide constructive criticism of previously published JoSS articles, or points of view on innovative technologies related to small satellite topics are perfect for this section. These submissions are limited in length and are formatted differently from peer-reviewed articles, and they are reviewed and approved only by the Editor-in-Chief, rather than a panel of peer-reviewers. See detailed instructions in the section for Letters to the Editor.