Author Instructions and Guidelines for Letters to the Editor


Content and Format Guidelines

Letters to the Editor are not peer-reviewed, but they are reviewed and published at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief (EiC). They must not exceed 800 words in length, or contain headings, sub-headings, or more than one figure, unless by special exception and approval by the EiC upon request. The Letter should bear a title that indicates the specific technical subject area addressed therein. 

References to previously published works and explanatory notes, if any, should be listed as endnotes, and should approximate the citation formatting style used for peer-reviewed articles (see templates below for formatting information); it is the Author’s responsibility to ensure their completeness and accuracy, bearing in mind that their purpose is to lead the reader directly to the source of the cited information. JoSS assumes no liability for incorrect references in a Letter to the Editor.

After review and approval by the EiC and receipt of a signed Copyright Transfer form, the Letter will be published at the Editor’s discretion in the scheduled upcoming JoSS issue, along with any reply from the Editor. JoSS reserves all rights over publication, editing, and formatting decisions related to such submissions.

Instructions for Submission

Please submit your Letter to the Editor as both a PDF and a digital, editable file to (cc to:, along with a completed, signed Transfer of Copyright Agreement.