Instructions, Guidelines, and Templates for Submissions

Letters to the Editor

Content Guidelines

Letters to the Editor must not exceed 800 words in length, or contain headings, sub-headings, or more than one figure. A title for the Letter should be included, to indicate the specific technical subject area addressed therein. JoSS will publish the accepted Letter, edited as determined necessary, with the Author’s name, affiliation, and email address, as a by-line at the end of the Letter.

References to previously published works should be cited as appropriate; it is the Author’s responsibility to ensure their completeness and accuracy, bearing in mind that their purpose is to lead the reader directly to the source of the cited information. JoSS assumes no liability for incorrect references in a Letter to the Editor.

Instructions for Submission

Please submit your Letter to the Editor as a digital, editable file to (cc to:, along with a completed, signed Transfer of Copyright Agreement.


After review and approval by the Editor-in-Chief, and receipt of a signed Copyright Transfer form, the Letter will be published at the Editor’s discretion in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the JoSS website, along with any reply from the Editor. JoSS reserves all rights over publication, editing, and formatting decisions related to such submissions.


Content Guidelines

For articles submitted for peer-review, we accept original, creative, previously unpublished articles that address one or more of our technical topic areas listed below. We strongly encourage new authors to review the JoSS Author Guidance, to ensure that a high-quality, well-structured, thoroughly researched and documented original article is submitted. It is very important that these Guidelines be understood and complied with, especially with regard to copyright issues, appropriate references, and originality of work.

A paper that has been published online in connection with a conference, for example, may not be submitted for subsequent publication in a scholarly journal, even by the same author, without running afoul of copyright issues, unless there is substantial difference between the two, including its title. If even a segment (including a Figure, Table, Photo, etc.) of a previously-published document is incorporated into the JoSS submission, it should be appropriately referenced, both in text and in the References section. Please refer to the Author Guidance for further assistance with this and other important issues related to Author responsibilities.

Cost to Authors

During 2012-2019, we have accepted submissions at no charge, with no imminent plans to begin charging Author fees of any kind.

Manuscript Preparation
STEP 1: Follow Instructions in the Appropriate Template

Submission Templates
To assist JoSS Technical Editors and Reviewers, Authors are requested to follow the guidelines and formatting templates provided in our Article Preparation Instructions and Template (.pdf/.doc). (A pdf file is included for permanent reference; a Word file is included for optional use with your text.)

Alternatively, for those interested in submitting a LaTeX file manuscript, please refer to these documents:
LaTeX Help
JoSS LaTeX Article Submission Template
LaTeX Bibliography Template
(JoSS is indebted to Thomas R. P. Heine, Derek Dalle, and Paul Bucksch for their contributions in developing and providing LaTeX template files for use by this publication.)

As stated in these templates, the original manuscript submission must be no longer than 20 pages in total length, in double-spaced, single-column format to facilitate Reviewers’ reading and commenting on the manuscript. Font style and size, heading format, margins and other details are described in the Template.

**Please do not embed reference links for in-text cites or footnotes, and carefully follow formatting examples, including citation formatting in the References section, as provided in the Template.**

**We reserve the right to return articles that have not been properly formatted.**

(Note that after review and acceptance, manuscripts will be re-formatted per JoSS layout specifications by our staff.)

STEP 2: Include the Following Information with Your Submission

Author and Co-Author Contact Information

    • Be sure to include an email address and telephone number not only for the submitting/corresponding author, but also for any other authors as backup contacts to make any decisions about the article should we not be able to reach the primary author. Only the corresponding author’s email address will be published with the article.
    • Note that all authors, including co-authors, should subscribe to JoSS, to receive direct notifications of the publication of their work.

Designation of Topic Area

List the appropriate Topic Area for your subject matter. For your reference, our Topic Areas are:

      • Command and Data Handling (C&DH)
      • CONOPS/Systems
      • Education/Outreach
      • Electrical Power System (EPS)
      • Formation Flying
      • Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C)
      • Interplanetary Probes
      • Payload/Science/Missions
      • Propulsion
      • Space and Ground Systems Engineering
      • Space Policy
      • Structures, Mechanisms, and Thermal
      • Tracking, Telemetry, and Communications (TT&C)
      • Other Relevant Topics (e.g., Launch, Assembly, Integration & Testing, Standards, etc.)

Transfer of Copyright or Permission Request Forms

    • You may send these by post fax, or digitally scanned email attachments.
    • It is not critical that these be included with your initial submission, but they should follow shortly thereafter.
STEP 3: Submit Your Manuscript
    • Send your article electronically in pdf file format to (cc to:, and your signed forms via postal mail or as digitally scanned email attachments.

For mailing or emailing your submission, or for assistance regarding these instructions, please contact us at:

    • Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS)
      A. Deepak Publishing
      21 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 150
      Hampton, VA 23666 USA
    • Tel: (757) 766-7880 or -7990
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