JoSS Privacy Policy Statement

The Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS, or “the Journal”) understands that privacy online and the protection of personal information is important to our subscribers and other visitors to our website ( This policy statement aims to clearly outline how we collect, use, and store the limited personal data we collect on this website, and the reasons for doing so. It is important to note that this policy may be updated or amended over time, so you should make a practice to check back regularly to keep abreast of changes.
This policy applies to all visitors and subscribers to our website. In addition to tracking cookies (described below), we use an optional subscriber pop-up window to collect limited personal data (i.e., name, affiliation, location, email address). We use this limited data for one purpose only: to disseminate email communications relevant to the publication of the Journal on the JoSS website or related small satellite news or announcements. You have the right to change or delete your personal information at any time, by getting in touch with us through the contact information provided below.
Personal Information That We Collect and Store: 
If you choose to enter your information in the optional subscriber pop-up window on the JoSS website, we collect and store your name, affiliation, geographic location, and email address.
Other Types of Personally Identifiable Information Collected:

  • Cookies: Cookies, the small files that are created in your web browser when you visit our website, are used for security purposes and to improve services. Information supplied through a JoSS site cookie is used only by JoSS, and is not shared with others.
  • Server Logs: When visiting the JoSS website, our servers log information about your session. Information logged includes items such as your IP address, what browser you are using, the time and date you visited, how long your session lasted, and what pages you visited. We use this information from our server logs primarily to learn about our visitors as a group. It helps us to improve services on the site and plan for future needs so that we can assure continuity of service. We reserve the right to examine an individual log and terminate access in the event that systematic (“robotic”) downloads of journal material are observed. We may also check an individual log for editorial purposes, or when an individual has reported trouble accessing the JoSS website.

Why We Collect and Store This Information:
We store and use this data (in particular, your email address) to provide you with Journal content and related communications, such as notices of website changes; events, products, or services related to small satellites; or other smallsat-related announcements. We also use this data to check in from time to time with trends in overall user response and engagement with our publications, so that we can make any prudent and appropriate changes in our presentation or delivery to be more effective or efficient for our readership.
How We Safeguard Your Personal Information:
We protect your information by limiting its use to our specified purposes and by controlling and limiting who has access to it. We do not release your personal data to outside organizations except to the extent that we share it with our own third party vendors who are critical to the process of disseminating our products and communications, and analyzing the use of our website and emailings. We are not responsible for those third party privacy policies.
How You Can Change or Delete Your Personal Information:
You may change and update your personal information in several ways. You may unsubscribe from our emailings by following the “Unsubscribe” instructions at the bottom of the email. You may also delete or change your data by emailing us at or by telephone at 1-757-766-7880 to request such a change.
Our website contains links to other websites that we do not control. Such links are in no way a JoSS endorsement of any company or organization. JoSS is not responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, or decency or material contained on any other website. We encourage you to be aware that you are going to a different website, and to read the privacy statements of these linked sites, as their privacy policies may differ from ours.
While we take measures to protect our website, there is no guarantee that the JoSS website will be free from infection by viruses or any other contaminating or destructive properties. The user accepts sole responsibility and risk associated with the use and results of JoSS website materials, irrespective of the purpose to which such use or results are applied.
Future Changes to this Privacy Policy:
JoSS reserves the right to change this policy in any manner at any time without prior notice. If we make material changes to our privacy policy, they will be posted on this page. It is important that you check back from time to time, to keep abreast of such changes.
Contact us:
If you have questions about this policy or about your personal information, or if you wish to edit or delete your information, please contact us by email at or by telephone at 1-757-766-7880.
Last updated: November 2, 2018